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I+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-m A Critic | - Part 3

Calling all Simple Moms!

You know that hot review site that I blog for? The one that always seems to find the coolest gear for your kids? You know, the one that host TONS of amazing giveaways?

Well….Simple Reviews is in desperate need of finding 1 or 2 new Moms (or Mom’s to be) to contribute to their daily review site.

Only serious mama’s apply. If you love…

~Testing out new up and coming products
~Getting to know owners of the hottest new online stores on the web
~Finding your mailbox stuffed with free gear

and most importantly, letting the world know your opinion….then Simple Reviews wants to hear from you!


Growing up as a kid, we were a build-it kind of family. My grandpa was a builder, I have an uncle who moves dirt around, and my hardworking dad is an amazing builder/designer/craftsman.

As a 5 year old, one of the favorite pass times would be hammering leftover wood scraps together (just to use the other end of the hammer and pull them apart again). We were the build-it, put it together, destroy it, repeat, kind of family.

Now days, toys have gotten much more sophisticated and smart. Bright colors, parts that move, parts that bend, it’s all so fun. A tried and true company, K’NEX has recently teamed up with the people over at Sesame Street to create building sets for the younger 2-5 year old crowd (that’s my crowd).

Recently, we were lucky enough to be sent a Bert and Ernie set to test out, put together, destroy, repeat. The verdict: 2 thumbs up. The set we got included many pieces you would find in a typical K’NEX set (like chunky rods, connectors, blocks) but also fun pieces to make Bert and Ernies head and body.

The Sesame Street sets are fun because they are big kid toys, geared for preschoolers. My girls can put together and rearrange custom versions of their favorite characters. PK is really REALLY into it….Birdie just really like to run around with the rods in her hand.

Want to know how much we love them? I have a confession to make. Are you ready? The set we were sent just weren’t enough. We have been having so much constructive and imaginary fun that we have already gone to the store and boughten the Oscar the Grouch (and Slimey the Worm) set as well as the Elmo (and goldfish Dorothy) set. Oh, and we are on the lookout for the Super Grover and Abby Cadabby set too.

Let me know if you see them….

The circus is in town!

The greatest show on earth just might be coming to a town near you this Fall. If you live in Indianapolis like me, it’s here, it’s here, get going! Ready or not Indianapolis, the Ringling Bros. Circus of lions, tigers, and clowns have come to dazzle us with their tricks.

Last year, although we didn’t get to actually GO to the circus, we watch the parade as the “train” made it’s way through town and into Conseco field house. Hoping to make a tradition, we plan on doing that again.

If you don’t live in Indy (so sorry), it’s ok, 9 other lucky cities are also slated for the show in the upcoming months. I’m talking to you my West Michigan friends. (Sept 18-21st.)

The circus is the kind of event where fun family memories can be made. I noticed on the Ringling Bros. website they have a special little incentive called Baby’s First Circus program. Check it out and receive a free ticket to a show for your little one (with no expiration date).

Want a deal? Use code MCC at checkout and receive 20% off tickets in the $24, $19 and $13 price range.

Have fun….hope to see you at the show!

The Cabbage Patch "orignal" is back

25 years ago I just might have fallen in love for the very first time. I fell in love with a doll. I doll named Garth, grown from a garden of cabbage.

25 years ago I just HAD TO HAVE a Cabbage Patch Kid. The kind of HAVE TO HAVE that if you didn’t get it, you just might die, possibly.

25 years ago, I didn’t care if my mom was pregnant, didn’t care if she had to wait in line for hours, didn’t care if she had to fight to get it, didn’t care if she had to take a second mortgage out to get it. I had to have me a Cabbage Patch kid.

Granted, I had the rational only a 5 year old can have, where you just might possibly DIE if you didn’t get one of those precious dolls. Were you one of them like me? Oh, yes, and that’s me in the photo. Don’t hate me because I look beside myself happy with my huge red bows in my hair. Designher momma had to start somewhere…

I just found out that the Cabbage Patch Kids are 25! (oh, to be only 25). Anyway, The Cabbage Patch ORIGINAL doll is again available for purchase. PK just got one in the mail. Guess how I knew it was an original? um……the smell. Once you open the package, you will be overwhelmed with the smell from your childhood. Seriously.

Got Stories? Post your own Cabbage Patch memories on the official Cabbage Patch website. And then go get one for yourself, I mean your daughter, a 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid. Have fun passing on the lifelong memories.

The Banana Splits are back…

The Banana Splits, a hugely popular costumed rock band for the ’60s is back and ready to rock! Apparently, these guys were all the rage back in the day (can’t remember for sure, I’m still young enough not to have lived in the ’60s).

Starting September 2nd, The Cartoon Network is putting them back on the air with brand new comedy shorts and fun music videos. The target demographic their trying to hit are….4-7 year old kids, which will be perfect for my house.

I think it really does look like fun show for the kiddos, a refreshing change from what we have been watching. They have a pretty interactive website you can check out with cool video and little tidbits from the show. The music isn’t too sugary sweet, honestly, it is pretty adult friendly in that sense.

We like it, give it two thumbs up!

Create-A-Tale – giveaway!

A week or two ago PK and I got asked to take a look at a new independently produced children’s DVD that is just hitting the market, Create-A-Tale.

The video, geared towards 3-6 year olds, is unique from other children’s DVD’s because it’s interactive. At different points in the story line, your child gets to choose which way the story goes.

Take for instance the fairytale of the 3 pigs. Kids get to choose what type of house is going to be built, and how will the big bad wolf blow it down.

We have been loving it at our home and I’m sure you will too. Granted, it IS letting you kids veg out in front of the tube, but I guarantee that they won’t get all glass-eyed and zoned out (you know the look). Create-a-Tale is educational, interactive and keeps the imagination flowing. The best part of the movie is that every time you pop it in, a different story will be watched.

Try it Out! If you head on over to their website, you can do a little test drive by watching a clip of the three little pigs.

Buy it! Create-A-Tale can be purchased online!

Win it! Create-A-Tale wants to graciously give one DesignHER Momma their own copy. To be entered, leave me a comment letting me know what fairy tale was your favorite when you were a child (can you say the three billy goats gruff here?).

Winner will be chosen at random Saturday, August 9th. Winner will also be submitted to Prizey Fetch. Good luck!