Maybe then this would be managable

While getting my degree in Interior Design in my early 20s, I found out the hard way that I do not thrive under stressful situations. I honestly would … [Continue reading]

Tower of Terror for one (and a pair of clean pants), please.

Last weekend I spent a few glorious days in sunny California, specifically Disneyland. The trip aligned perfectly between two of Michael's really … [Continue reading]

no! sleep! till belgium!

During all four of my pregnancies, somewhere towards the beginning of the third trimester I started suffering from middle of the night panic/anxiety … [Continue reading]

Three months out

While we haven't set a hard move date, we're about three months out from getting on that plane heading to Belgium with six one-way tickets and two … [Continue reading]

A few things learned while on the treadmill (sponsored)

I???m currently blogging about my fitness journey thanks to my ambassadorship with Smooth Fitness. While these posts are sponsored and I received a … [Continue reading]

I hope this makes you feel more normal

A few days ago I was speculating to Michael that a mutual friend of ours might be really unhappy in their current living/employment situation. His … [Continue reading]